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The Flat Lay Co. Make Up Bag | Lay Flat Travel Cosmetic Toiletry Case | Contents not included (Everything | 50cm, Berry)


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Our Flat Lay Bags are no ordinary make up cases. When opened with their easy drawstring they lay out completely flat within seconds, allowing you to see all of your toiletries and cosmetics instantly.
TWO SIZES – The make up cases come in two signature sizes- the “Everything Bag” and the “Essentials Bag”. The Everything is 18cm across when closed with a 51cm diameter when opened. We love it for keeping our main cosmetics in at home, and also for travelling. The Essentials is 14cm across when closed with a 33cm diameter when opened. We usually keep it in our handbags for afternoon top ups.
ORGANISATION – Both sizes have two large outer pockets, which we like to use for bigger things like hair bands, sanitary products and plasters. You can also use one of the pockets to store the drawstring of the bag once it’s closed. Inside the bag there’s a zippered pocket which is ideal for keeping little things safe, like jewellery, hair clips and even loose change. Finally, each bag has four elastic holders for keeping your brushes in check, or for storing your nail scissors and tweezers.
EVERYDAY – Whichever size you choose, the cosmetics cases are made for your everyday needs. If you’re in a hurry you don’t even have to open the bag fully- pull the drawstring half way and grab what you need. That also works great if you don’t have much counter space. The bag can also be fastened to give it more structure- simply put the velcro from the outer pockets together to create a more barrel shaped purse.
TRAVEL – These make-up bags are ideal for travelling, especially if you want to most convenient case to grab in a hurry. The best thing about it is that you can chuck all your stuff in and close it easily and quickly, without having to play a game of Tetris to find a way to get your moisturiser back in! You also don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the counter you’re using anymore- the bag doubles as a cosmetics mat and will keep your stuff protected as well as stop it from rolling off.



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