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KLIM™ Voice Desktop USB Microphone Stand for Computer Laptop PC – Gaming Mic PS4 – New 2020 Version – Blue

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Product Description

KLIM Voice is a desktop computer microphone which offers an excellent audio quality at a reasonable cost. Its design is tailor-made for gamers, this model is also a perfect fit for voice recording or Skype conversations with friends. The Voice had a dazzling success in office use as well, where many professionals enjoy its quality and ease of use. Fitted with a patented audio filter, it focuses on your voice and ignores surrounding noise.

This allows for a crystal clear audio rendering. Compatible with all computer brands, KLIM Voice is extremely easy to setup: just plug it and it works right away. Its USB cable makes it compatible with Mac and PS4 as well. On the top left corner, you’ll find a video depicting the audio quality of KLIM Voice.

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klim voiceklim voice

About KLIM

Founded in 2015, KLIM Technologies is a young and promising start-up with a mix of Englishmen, Frenchmen and Germans dedicated to making competitive PC gaming gear for performance seeking players. Nowadays, KLIM offers the best value for money with its high tech products at prices unheard of before. The core goal of our young team is customer expeerience, that’s why we pay close attention to our customers’ feedback.

You have a question or need an additional information ? We’ll always be there to assist you. KLIM is a growth company that managed to become the leader in Europe on the gaming accessories’ market. Supported by the Amazon Launchpad program and many big names in the industry, our start-up managed to grow quickly and acquire hundreds of thousands of clients. KLIM now offers a very wide range of products that will answer the every needs of gamers looking for performance and comfort.

Amazing audio qualityAmazing audio quality

Amazing audio quality

KLIM Voice features a patented audio filter which focuses on your voice and suppresses surrounding noise for a crystal clear rendering.

With KLIM Voice, your friends and colleagues won’t complain ever again of any crackling noise coming from your microphone.

An anti-pop filter is also supplied with this gear. Voice is the embodiment of a premium microphone affordable for all.

Simple and versatileSimple and versatile

Simple and versatile

Gone is the era of microphones that required a driver or software to tweak them! KLIM Voice is all about efficiency and ease of use.

You just need to plug the Voice to your computer through a USB socket and it works instantly. This model is a perfect fit for gaming, streaming or voice recording.

Furthermore, you’ll receive an English user guide in your email inbox. Speak for hours with your friends and family thanks to the KLIM Voice.



KLIM Voice is a real tank with its metal and reinforced plastic base. Microphones are often very fragile and break at the slightest shock.

We decided to introduce a very sturdy and stable product. In addition, its base features 2 LED lights, a button to toggle them which also doubles as a volume control wheel.

Finally, a smartphone stand is integrated so you can glance at your notifications even while in game or filming yourself.

KLIM Voice: the microphone made for youKLIM Voice: the microphone made for you

KLIM Voice: the microphone made for you

The KLIM Voice microphone was designed for people looking for a good quality microphone without breaking the bank. With its creative design and its various features, it’s undoubtedly the best choice for a mic under 30 euros. Sturdy and stable, its base will easily find its room on your desktop and gleam through its LED lights.

The stem is also fitted with a On/Off button in order to conveniently mute your microphone. No matter your usage, KLIM Voice will be an ideal partner by your side. We are honest with our clients, KLIM Voice owns up to its definite gamer look. If you’re looking for a more traditional and sober design, we advise you to pick the KLIM Talk instead.

A microphone for much more than just gaming

Even if many gamers enjoy playing with KLIM Voice for its ease of use and its excellent in-game audio quality, Voice is a microphone which will also answer your needs apart from video games.

It is a recommended purchase for Skype conversations or voice recording, for instance when making video tutorials.

A microphone for much more than just gamingA microphone for much more than just gaming

Gamers like youGamers like you

Gamers like you

Our passion

Fast Customer CareFast Customer Care

Fast Customer Care

Our philosophy

Top quality productsTop quality products

Top quality products

Our engagement

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How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Desktop microphones available on the market are either mediocre in terms of quality or prohibitively expensive. KLIM Voice is a perfect compromise, it features the audio quality of a high-end microphone at a lower cost. Anyone looking for a high quality audio rendering without breaking the bank will be assuredly satisfied by this product, the best of its category on Amazon.

What makes your product special?

We built this microphone in order to combine 4 benefits :

– An affordable cost tag for all

– An excellent audio quality

– A true lengthened lifespan

– Ease of use and a dedicated English speaking customer care

It’s the only microphone to bring together all those attributes.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Our team is made of gamers. It is extremely rewarding for us to play and work with the products we designed, built and tested ourselves, and that thousands of customers love to use on a daily basis.

✅ GREAT SOUND QUALITY. Highly sensitive desktop microphone for PC. Features a patented audio filter to eliminate background noise and focus on the voice. We also provide a anti-pop filter.
✅ PLUG’N’RECORD. Simply plug in the microphone and it works. No software to install.You will find the user manual in englishl as a PDF enclosed to an email we send you. If you do not receive it, please contact us.
✅ WILL MATCH YOUR NEEDS. USB Microphone. Ideal for gaming, skype conversations, audio recordings and speech recognition.
✅ MULTIPURPOSE + USE IT TO WORK FROM HOME. The KLIM Voice is a very versatile recording microphone. You can use it for conference calls or to speak to your friends on Skype, Zoom, Discord, Slack, Viber, Teamspeak and more. It also works very well with speech recognition software (Cortana, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Google Docs Voice …). Whether to attend a course or lead a job interview, the KLIM Voice will meet all of your needs.
✅ BUILT TO LAST. Made from reinforced plastic and metal interior reinforcement, extra-strong and durable. Very stable on its stand. Includes two LED lights. Adjustable neck. Complete volume control via a switch. Mute button available.



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